Autumn Blend

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Autumn Blend - Midsummer Tea HB
Autumn Blend - Midsummer Tea HB
Autumn Blend - Midsummer Tea HB
Ingredients: Organic White Tea, Rosehip, Raspberry, Lingonberries and Vanilla


Our Midsummer Tea 'Autumn Blend' has been created using Sri Lanka's finest organic silver tip white tea and mixed together with ingredients locally sourced and handpicked from the Swedish countryside during the Autumn months. 

 This blend is crafted with ingredients that are loaded with Vitamin C. This is to help prepare your immune system for a change in weather and the cold winter to come. This blend gives off a sweet, fruity taste and smell, with a slight zesty hit of rosehip and lingonberries.


SILVER NEEDLE WHITE TEA  - Immune boosting, stimulates metabolism, mobilizes fats, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, heals skin damage, natural teeth whitening, anti-aging properties
ROSEHIP  - reduces inflammation, loaded with vitamin c, lowers cholesterol, immune boosting, assists with collagen production in skin and hair, helps your body absorb iron, treats cold and flu
RASPBERRY  - flushed toxins, high fiber, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, low in sugar, supports muscle growth and repair, contain calcium which assists with teeth and bone health, their alkalinity helps keep body acids from destroying tooth and bone density
LINGONBERRY  - antioxidant rich, reduce inflammation, reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections, protects against bad bacteria’s in the gum and mouth
VANILLA - protects heart, high in antioxidants, prevents cell breakdown, immune boosting, lowers stress levels, assists with hair care by inducing blood flow to the scalp which encourages growth, soothes anxiety

 Directions for one cup: 1 1/2 teaspoons tea, add water at 70 degrees, then let steep for 5-7 min. You can reuse the same tea 4 or more times, which allows you to enjoy several cups from one serving. 

Autumn Blend - Midsummer Tea HB
Autumn Blend - Midsummer Tea HB
Autumn Blend - Midsummer Tea HB

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